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Rudy’s Blog

Hi my name is Rudy. I am THE resident “meow” at Enchanted Oaks Animal Hospital (EOAH). Some people have compared me to the cartoon cat named Garfield, but I am the REAL DEAL! The doctors and staff at EOAH took me in about 4 years ago, hoping to help me shed some weight. At my heaviest I tipped the scales at 34 lbs, but thanks to EOAH, I’ve dropped 18 lbs. THAT, FOLKS, IS THE SIZE OF A BAG OF DOG FOOD! I am so pleased to be a lighter version of myself. I have MY staff to thank for it since they push me to work hard and to follow what they say are “proper feeding” protocols. For example, they lock up my food and limit my treats every day...which I might deem “cruel,” but whatever, I guess it’s what keeps me looking so “MEOW.” I guess I should be SOOOOO grateful for their encouragement. 

You probably won’t see me strolling around as I am a lazy cat and prefer to kill time (not mice) by reclining in one of the many office chairs I‘ve taken possession of….usually also occupied by one of MY Doctors. But since I am a thoughtful “meow,” I make such allowances and share my chair; after all, they do take exceptional care of me and provide me with staff whom are at my every beck and call (mostly).

Upon occasion you might see me being forced to “exercise” by one of these said “servants.” They preach to me about sitting idle all the time and will often abduct me from my cozy napping spot and deposit me in the waiting area in the front office. They know I FIRMLY object to such treatment and that I will sprint as fast as my four paws will carry me right back to my cozy spot. This torment they subject me to is what they like to refer to as “exercise?” It’s just PREPOSTEROUS! I run, mostly because I would not want to have to fight anybody to get my “cozy spot” back. I am a lover, not a fighter. I mostly love food and naps but still….I AM a lover.

I will be blogging from time to time because I am forced to earn my “kibbles and bits” as they say, and I LOVE FOOD! I will do almost anything for food. Maybe even kiss a dog…YUCK! That might be a stretch. So stay tuned for my monthly blog…I just know the WORLD can’t wait to hear from me….But “wait” you will because I will be very busy celebrating National Garfield the Cat Day!

Just keep purrring,

Rudy Meow