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In case of emergnecy
In case of emergency or illness requiring immediate attention, I, the undersigned, give my consent for the doctors of Enchanted Oaks Animal Hospital to treat, prescribe for, or operate on my pet (s) while they are being boarded at Enchanted Oaks Animal Hospital. For non-life-threatening emergencies, we make every effort to contact you and will not treat until we have consent. They are to use all reasonable precautions against illness, injury, or escape of my pet (s), but they will not be held liable in any manner whatever, under any circumstances, on account of the care, treatment , or safe keeping of my pet(s), as it is thoroughly understood that I assume all risks. Enchanted Oaks Animal Hospital will not be held liable for loss or damage to any items left behind such as beds, toys, collars, or leashes.
Proof of current vaccinations
Proof of current vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian is required, and if not current, animals will be vaccinated prior to admission and charges added to the boarding fee. All pets must be free of external parasites upon admission, and animal with external parasites will be treated to eliminate them. Charges for this will be added to the boarding fees. If circumstances arise where you will be unable to pick up your pet on the arranged date, please call and advise us of the new pick up date.
Please answer the following questions
Bath on pick up date:


Nail Trim:


Anal Glands:


Because our walk schedule may vary form your pet’s normal routine, it is not uncommon to have and “accident’ from time to time. Should this occur excessively it may be necessary to bathe your pet for hygienic reasons. In this case a bath will be mandatory.
Please list any medications you request your pet to receive while boarding. The fee for each dose is $2.00

Name of current diet being fed:

Did you bring food for your pet?


Special Feeding Instructions including amounts:

Authorization to treat Stress Colitis. From time to time pets that are boarding can acquire diarrhea from the stress of boarding. The sooner we can initiate treatment the lesser the consequences can be. The cost for basic treatment is estimated at $55.00 depending on 's weight. Should develop stress colitis while here and you would like us to treat WITHOUT contacting you first, please initial the following:
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Drop off date: :
Pick up date: :
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Emergency Phone number(s)

I have read the above and agree. Please confirm by typing your name as your signature:

Resuscitation Request Form
Please read:
We at Enchanted Oaks Animal Hospital take pride and responsibility in providing personalized care for your pets during boarding, hospitalization, and outpatient care. As part of this responsibility, we are obligated to know your wishes if we are faced with a life threatening emergency with your pet. Fortunately, life threatening emergencies are rarely encountered. However, if an emergency occurs, we do not want to force you to make a decision on life saving resuscitation in the midst of a crisis situation. That is why we are asking to know your wishes at this time. Please also know that your wishes may change over time based on your pet's age or medical conditions. Please let us know anytime you would like to update your wishes.
The following field is either approving or denying life-saving resuscitation of your pet, read carefully:

Yes, I request life-saving resuscitation of my pet be performed until I can be contacted.
No, I Do Not request life-saving resuscitation of my pet.

Please be assured that if you are not present during an emergency, we would contact you as soon as possible. There are fees associated with these services.
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